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This pitcher/catcher call chart has been around for years. I'm not sure where it originated. I was given a copy of it around 1993 or so. I have seen countless versions and flavors of it. I am in no way taking credit for writing it or developing it. I have used it and found it very helpful increasing general knowledge about calling pitches. I have added to it, deleted from it and generally made modifications, but it is essentially the same document I was given years ago. I have formatted it into an HTML table and made it available here. If you know who actually wrote it, I'll be more than happy to credit them here.

- Ron Holt

Characteristics WeaknessPitch
Up in front of box Fast Ball HighFastest Pitch, rises
In back of boxBreaking BallsBreaking ball (drop or change)
Closed stanceInsideDrop or rise, screw
Open stance OutsideOut drop or rise, curve or curve drop, or rise
Overly erectLowInside Drop, screw
Wide stanceLowDrops or curves low and on corners
Crouches overHighRise in or out, curve rise, change
Close to plateInsideDrop, fast ball or rise inside
Far from plateOutsideOut drop or rise, curve or curve drop or rise
Even with plateHigh-lowRises, drops, curves, screw on corners
Tilted HeadInsideIn rise, drop or screw
Weight overshiftLow & outsideOut drop, curve drop, curves to front leg
No weight shiftInsideDrop or rise, screw
Stride toward plate (closed)InsideDrop or rise, screw
Stride away from plate (open)OutsideOut drop or rise, curve or curve drop, or rise
Long strideHighRise in or out, curve rise, change
HitchHighRise in or out; curve rise; change
High, MixRise in or out, change
Hands highLowIn or out drop, curve drop, screw
Hands lowHigh inRise in or out; curve rise, change
Hands away from bodyInsideIn drop or rise, screw
Loopy swingHighRise in or out; curve rise, change
Choppy swingHighRise in or out, curve rise, change
No arm extensionLow & outsideOut drop, curve drop, curves, fastball
Parallel batHighRise in or out, curve rise, change
Slow bat/sweeperInsideOffspeed, in rise, drop, screw, change
Quick batLowChange speeds, keep hitter off balance
Inside-out swingLow-inIn drop, screw, change, low rise
Swings upHigh, low inRise in or out, drop in, screw
Weak batterLow, outsideFastball, out drop, curve drop, curves
Strong batterLow; extremeChange speeds, drops, drop curve, corner fastball
Relaxed batterFaster deliveryPitch with quicker rhythm, change speeds
Tense batterSlower deliveryUse speed as waste then break ball
Aggressive batterChange rhythmOff-speed, In rise, drop, screw, change inside
LH Batter with speedLow outDrop, screw, rise, curve, in rise high
Game Situation Result WantedPitch to hit
On 1st, bunt situationPoor bunt or pop-upHigh in or out Very inside and low
On 2nd, RH-less than 2 outsGround ball left sideLow in, change in, high in
On 3rd, RH-less than 2 outsGround ball cornersVery low, in or out
On 2nd, LH-less than 2 outsGround ball left sideLow out, change out, high out
On 3rd, LH-less than 2 outsGround ball left sideLow out, change out, high out
On 3rd, less than 2 outs,Poor bunt or pop outHigh in or out, very low in or pitchout
Batter bunting or pick-offNO CHANGE-UPS
Bases Loaded, or on 2nd & 3rd, less than 2 outsGround ballLow in or out
Hitter bunts for hit
(LH--out & away)
Poor bunt
Force to hit
High in or out,change in
Hit and runsPop up or ground ballLow in or jam high in
Ahead in countPitch to pitchers strike zone, just outside of batters strike zone; make batter swing at a ball.
Behind in countPitch to umpire's & pitcher's strike zone, never pitch to batter's strength
Right side weakBall hit to leftPitch inside
Left side weakBall hit to rightPitch outside
Outfield weakGround ballsLow in or out
Infield weakPop ups, fly ballsHigh in, rises, change-ups
Pitcher tiredStay away from rise or curve
Pitch not workingDon't use it except as a waste pitch
Fence ShortGround ballsLow in or out
Fence LongPop ups, fly ballsHigh in, rises, change-ups
Wet FieldGround ballsLow in or out, stay away from risers
Humidity high, low altitudePop ups, fly ballsHigh in, rises, changes, breaking balls
Humidity low, high altitudeGround ballsInside, drops, in rise curves, change low in
Wind at your backJam PitchLow,inside (faster ball), high rise inside
Wind in your faceVary Speeds Use speed as waste then break ball low, outside
Miscellaneous thoughts on pitching
  • In facing a batter, have 3 or 4 pitch sequences in mind before you throw the first pitch. Hopefully your catcher "understands the show".
  • Throwing low to bunters who drop the bat head can generate foul balls.
  • Throwing high to slappers can generate easy pop-ups. If they pop the ball up, it does not matter how fast they are.
  • Be careful using the change-up with runners on base.
  • Pitch change-ups anywhere in the count. Don't save them for the 3rd strike.
  • Be careful using the drop with runners on base.
  • Be careful using the drop as a 3rd strike. Drop balls are more frequently in the dirt than other pitches.
  • Brush back hitters dug in or crowding the plate.
  • Know what the batter did the last time at bat.
  • Get the first out of the inning yourself.
  • Watch hitters practice their swings.
  • When in doubt, pitch opposites; high/low, inside/outside, fast/slow.
  • Keep the fat part of the ball away from the fat part of the bat.
  • Use your best stuff on the weakest hitters. They will hit off-speed every time.
  • Trust your catcher's abilities. Don't pitch to her based upon her skills.
  • Ball movement is more important than speed.
  • To pitch faster, learn to pitch slower.
  • Perception is *everything*.
  • Know when to walk a batter.
  • Be a good batter. A pitcher who hurts the opponent on offense and defense is a formidable player.
  • Keep your attitude in check. There's nothing worse than being beaten by a nice, polite person and team.
  • Pitch Fearlessly.

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